No place like home: Choosing a real estate weblog’s theme

No place like home: Choosing a real estate weblog’s theme

I love to paint, but I work differently than many artists. I work with 6 colors maximum: red, yellow, blue, black, white, and brown. From that limited palette, I can create any color I want. This means I create nearly every color that is put on the canvas as I rarely use paint straight from the tube. Much of my time is spent creating color and mixing paints, but I love the process and it gives my work color like no other artist. The only reason I bring this up is to confess that when I went searching for a real estate weblog theme, I kept finding the “feel” of computer generated color and art entirely too flat and cold and sterile and unnatural for my taste. Oh well, sorry about your luck, Lussier. It is 2007, so time to buck up and deal with it. There are thousands of themes available, and while I found them oddly similar due to the medium, I did find one that I could live with.

I had nothing whatsoever to do with the downloading and uploading and whatever else is involved in getting a theme up and running. I picked a theme, gave Greg the URL, and he took care of the rest. Why? Because he can do that stuff in 15 minutes and I cannot. Greg is a great coach and I’m not only learning about blogging, I’m also learning about real estate, and here’s what I’m learning: If your time is put to better use elsewhere, then farm out the stuff you can’t/won’t/don’t do and let yourself do the voodoo that you do so well. So, thanks to Greg the theme is up.

Finding the Right Real Estate Theme

Real Estate ThemeBut the default banner wasn’t up to snuff. Hmm. I thought this was going to be even more difficult than finding a theme. I spent a good bit of time looking at other successful real estate blogs. There are skylines or architecture or buildings or no pictures at all. My target market is a bedroom community of affordable entry level tract homes. We frequently deal with foreclosures and short sales. There is no glam spectacular skyline; no lovely historic district.

So while I was pulling out my hair, stuck in architecture or generic theme mode, Greg was thinking about how to “represent home ownership” in my market. Once I got my brain wrapped around that brilliant idea, I could agree with the coach that what my blog really needs is a big ol’ Rover for a happy kid to snuggle with on a warm sunny day. We checked the royalty-free photo sites, Greg wrestled the photos into place and… Done.

I’m well pleased with the weblog so far but we are a long way from finished. For now let’s just say I’m putting one foot in front of the other, continuing to move forward.

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